Attention Dog Trainers, Behavior Consultants, and Any Pet Behavior Professional:

How You Can Attract More Clients, Increase Compliance, and Stop Giving Away Your Time and Expertise For Free

Finally! Learn to Use Proven Client Communication Techniques
To Increase Success and Decrease Stress



The Ultimate Client Relationship
Success System For Pet Behavior Pros

Here's What You'll Learn:

  • How to prevent that first inquiry call from a potential client from turning into a 2-hour life history session
  • How to convert "freebie info seeker" pet owner calls Into paying clients
  • How to manage discussions among multiple family members with diverse views and desired outcomes, without getting drawn into the family drama
  • What to say and do when clients complain “It’s not working!” so you inspire confidence and motivate them to continue (especially if you need to modify your original plan)
  • Learn to be comfortable and accomplished at managing sensitive, emotionally charged conversations about issues such as re-homing, euthanasia and conflicts over payment

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suz-dan-coral  We'll share the exact same communication skills and business building secrets we’ve used successfully in our own behavior consulting business for almost 30 years to gain the trust of clients and other professionals.

This is the client relationship building system you’ve wished for that will allow you to manage client communication and serve pets and their owners more effectively – without losing your sanity.

These are real human service skills Dr. Hetts first learned as a co-founder of the grief education and support program at the Veterinary Teaching Hospital at Colorado State University (the predecessor to what is now the Argus Center) and saw the power of sensitive communication when talking to owners of pets with cancer.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

The Courses

CEUs available for EACH Webinar
All Webinars available ON Demand
Complete the entire program and receive a
Certificate in Client Relations and Communication
No time limit required for completion 

1. Communication Skills You Can't Be Without

Learn skills that will improve your inquiry call to scheduling ratio, help you control and manage conversations, make your client communications more satisfying for both you and your clients and do away with the "what do I say now?" worry.  Includes specific scripts to use and adapt for sensitive conversations regarding contract disagreements, re-homing, euthanasia, and more.

Value : $79

2. Helping Clients Make Decisions: Your Roles and Responsibilities

When pets are causing serious problems for owners, they often look to us for help making decisions about what should be done with the pet. We have a responsibility not only to help clients do what’s best for their pet, but also what’s best for them and their families.  And we have a responsibility to the community at large when we work with aggressive or potentially dangerous animals. We’ll leave you with a checklist of things to think about and discuss with clients when you are drawn into a decision making dilemma.

Value: $79

3. What To Do When Clients Aren't Getting The Results They Want

"He's not getting any better!"  "His behavior has gotten worse!"  Feedback you dread hearing that strikes fear in your heart.  In this TWO SESSION course, you'll discover how to avoid hearing those words, and how to create more strategies so you aren't stuck not knowing what  to do.

In the second session you'll hear Dr. Susan Cohen, the former Director of Counseling at Animal Medical Center in NYC, share strategies she's used for over 30 years when clients and professionals are at odds.

Value: $149

4. When The Pet Can't Stay

Learn how to talk to clients when one or more family members, or a third party (you or someone else) believes it's not safe for the pet to stay in the home.  You may find yourself in the role of mediator or decision-making facilitator - roles you don't comfortable in or haven't acquired the skills to perform well - until now! TWO session course.

Value: $149

5. Managing Your Telephone Time

Inquiry calls can be a "black hole" of time and effort unless you know how to conduct them effectively and efficiently.  Learn how to stop giving away time and information while treating prospective clients with respect, increase your chances of booking appointments, and experience less stress and frustration when on the phone. In this almost 2 hour course, you'll also get the real scoop and daily examples from our assistant Tracey, and what you can learn from how she handles our telephone calls every day.

Value: $97

6. Understanding and Managing Family Dynamics

You are not a human service professional, yet you get drawn into family conflicts and dynamics because the pet is a member of the family.  It's not your role to intervene or address family issues, but you must know how to work around them to help the pet. Learn how to do so from Dr. Stephanie LaFarge, Vice President of Counseling Services at the ASPCA  in NYC.  TWO sessions, which includes a Q&A with Dr. LaFarge.

Value: $149

7. How to Push the Easy Button and Increase Client Compliance

Pet owners are on information overload, have less time than ever before and want to change their pets’ behaviors as quickly as possible.  Discover how to increase compliance by uncovering the barriers clients experience, and what you can do to make training plans client friendly as well as dog friendly. TWO session course.

Value: $149

8. Using Behavior Analytical Techniques to Help Pet Owners Follow Through With Behavior Interventions

Luckily for us, humans learn under the same natural laws that nonhuman animals do.  Hear from fellow CAABs Dr. Susan Kapla and Dr. Megan Maxwell about the role that learning and reinforcement  play in influencing pet owner compliance with behavioral intervention plans. By including the pet owner in our plan for behavior change, and knowing what variables might be impacting pet owner behavior, we as pet behavior professionals stand a far greater chance of clinical success.

Value: $97

Client Relationship Power Pack

The Checklists, Guides, Worksheets and References
You Need to Quickly Implement Your New Skills

Total Value: $100

  • Communication Skills Reference

    Written by Dr. Hetts, this 15 page document is your communication skills reference, including how to recognize manipulative conversations, what to do about them, and MORE!

  • Client Worksheet

    Information Work Sheet you can use to help yourself, and your clients weigh various factors when making difficult decisions.

  • Guide to Help Clients Form New Habits

    Four techniques to help clients form new habits and remember to interact with their pets differently, based on your recommendations.

  • 7 Communication Mistakes That Doom Your Training Plans

    Seven practices you can change that will increase your clients’ success and improve your word of mouth reputation

  • Guide to Socially Sensitive Communication

    Four specific communication tactics not discussed elsewhere that are crucial when discussing sensitive issues with clients and avoid setting up a confrontational or adversarial encounter.

  • Client Homework Sheet

    Worksheet for clients to keep track of their progress and make it easy for you to review what they’ve accomplished at a glance.  Customizable to fit your needs.

  • Guide to Countering "Bad Advice"

    Four strategies for educating clients and countering bad information they’ve received from other sources, while staying professional and not insulting colleagues.

  • Four Client Checklists

    Client Checklists to help pet owner with housetraining, creating cat preferred litterboxes, developing safe relationships between kids and dogs, and not normal behaviors that need veterinary evaluation

Quarterly Q&A/Discussion Session with
Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep

Button-Favorite-star-iconThe value of this Coaching session alone is worth the price of the package!  Sessions will be scheduled quarterly.   Private coaching sessions with Drs. Hetts and Estep are normally $300/hour.  But you can bring YOUR questions about the Courses or your most difficult client encounters for Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep to answer in this valuable session.  If you can't make the live event, you'll have access to the recording.

Value: $300

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for over $1300 worth of training and materials for you and your clients

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Look What Other People Have to Say...

"Thanks so much. So many great ideas. I had a couple that I saw this morning, and they just learned that they don't see things the same way regarding the dogs, and I became the person in the middle. I now know how I'll talk to them next week   🙂  "

Fran B., Illinois

"Very interesting topic that is quite relevant to what we may encounter when going to a session and working with people in general. "

Almudena O., New Mexico

"Webinars like this are extremely valuable to me.  They keep me from feeling isolated, especially when seeing difficult cases (which is most of the time).  It's nice to know that it's not always a failure on my part when things don't turn out the way I would have liked."

Naomi H., Pennsylvania

"[I learned to] not take noncompliance perspectives on difficult situations...and [to] stay neutral while acknowledging client's issues."

Lisa B., Maryland

Here's EVERYTHING You Get in the Program:

File-Video-iconEight courses taught by a total of SIX PhD.s -  4 CAABs, a doctor of social work and a doctor of clinical psychology - who have over 100 years of professional experience among them.

  1. Communication Skills You Can't Be Without - Value $79
  2. Managing Your Telephone time - Value: $97
  3. Understanding and Managing Family Dynamics (with Dr. Stephanie LaFarge) - Value $149
  4. The Best Laid Plans - TWO sessions on what to do when training plans aren't working (with Dr. Susan Cohen) - Value $149
  5. Your Roles and Responsibilities in Decision Making - Value $149
  6. When the Pet Can't Stay - Value $149
  7. Using Behavior Analysis Techniques to Increase Client Compliance (with Dr. Sue Kapla and Dr. Megan Maxwell) -  Value $97
  8. How to Push the Easy Button - Value $149




A BONUS Q&A WEBINAR with Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep to answer your questions about client relationships and communication.  If you can't attend live, you'll be able to submit your questions before the webinar, and have access to the replay.   VALUE: $300

 Client Relationship Power Pack

VALUE: $100

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon  Guide to Helping Clients Establish New Habits FOUR specific strategies to help owners change their behaviors so their pets' behavior will change as well.




Guide to Socially Sensitive Communications Four skills that will make those sensitive communications more comfortable for you and your clients.  



Guide to Countering "Bad Advice" Four ways to refute harmful information clients hear from others, and remain professionally respectful  



 Document-Microsoft-Excel-icon Client Homework Tracker Customizable form for you to assign homework to help you and clients monitor progress.  



Edit-Document-iconDecision Making Matrix Lay out the pros, cons, and consequences of choosing various courses of action when the pet's future is at stake.




Adobe-PDF-Document-iconFour Client Checklists For: Housetraining, Creating Cat Preferred Litterboxes, Developing Good Relationships Between Dogs and Kids, and Not Normal Behavior Changes That Need Veterinary Evaluation



 Document-icon Communication Skills Reference 15 page document that is your Communication Skills Reference  

You might be wondering why we are making such an incredible offer on this amazing education package.

It’s simple.  People are more likely to do business with you when they know, like, and trust you.  And that's what client relationships are all about.  When you improve your client relationships, you revolutionize your business.

We are committed to your professional development as well as your business success.  Just like you, we want pets and people to have better lives together.  So when YOU become a more effective trainer or behavior consultant, EVERYBODY wins.
Don’t waste time searching for courses on how to build good relationships with your clients - it's all right here!

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Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists