Are You Basing Your Choice of Training Techniques and Tools
on Bad Science, No Science
OR Mis-Interpretations of  Good Science?

You Risk Limiting Your Options,
Choosing the Wrong Options,
and Undermining Your Success

How To Find Scientific Articles Online
Without Having to Subscribe to Expensive Journals

Attention Dog Trainers, Behavior Consultants, and Any Pet Behavior Professional:

Do You Want To Be a BETTER
Science-Based Dog Trainer? AND --

  • Differentiate yourself from other dog trainers in the market because you'll know what the science really says
  • Gain credibility with veterinarians, clients, and other pet behavior professionals
  • Be able to EDUCATE clients and EXPLAIN how current canine behavior science can help them better understand their dog
  • Learn to see the BIG picture that is science, and AVOID “one-way only” tunnel vision that limits your training options and your clients’ success
  • Avoid being deceived by exaggerations and half-truths about training methods that won’t help your clients and endanger your desire to be the "go to expert"
  • Make a REAL, long lasting difference in the quality of life of pets and their owners AND enhance your business

And Avoid Being Fooled by Inflated
“Science Says” Claims That Can Be Just
as Misleading and Harmful as "Dominance Mythology"


The Professional's System For
Decoding and Applying Canine Behavior Science

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Here's What You'll Learn:

  • What it means to be "science based" or "scientific"
  • What the term "evidence based" means, and whether it yet applies to dog training
  • How to evaluate "scientific" claims about dog behavior and training
  • Claims you thought were supported by research but really aren't - the examples you'll see will shock you!
  • What Scott and Fuller really found - and if you don't know who they were, it's a sure sign you need this package!
  • Why the oft-heard phrase "It's all about the way they're raised and trained" ignores significant factors that influence dog behavior
  • How a phenomenon discovered 100 years ago can explain certain claims about the cognitive abilities of dogs

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suz-dan-coral As Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists, from our business beginnings over 30 years ago to today, we’ve based our own successful behavior consulting practice on scientific principles – even when what science said – wasn’t popular.


Twenty years ago, Dr. Hetts was booed on the stage for saying that science showed “being dominant” didn’t make much sense when it came to creating good relationships with dogs.  And a local humane society refused to publish her article that offered alternatives to dominance ideas in their newsletter.


We were ahead of the curve then – based on science – and we’ll help keep you ahead of the curve now with The Professional’s System for Decoding and Applying Canine Behavior Science that teaches YOU to decipher the scientific method and apply its principles to your practice.


As trained behavior scientists, we know how to interpret scientific research.  We’ll show you the good science you can rely on – much of which never makes the popular press.  And we’ll help you avoid the bad science and the misrepresentations of good science, both of which helped perpetuate harmful dog training myths that we all STILL are trying to make go away today.

Here's Exactly What You'll Get

What You'll Learn

The Courses

CEUs available for EACH Webinar
All Webinars available ON Demand
Complete the entire program and receive a
Certificate in Decoding and Applying Canine Behavior Science
No time limit required for completion 

1. What Does It Mean to Be "Scientific" or "Science Based?"

This TWO SESSION course is one of the ESSENTIAL COURSES in the Academy. How can one claim to be "science based" without understanding what science is?  In this course we’ll address the use of the word “science” in animal related activities and how the word is often misused to make procedures, information, or techniques seem better than they really are. We’ll illustrate the issues with examples of claims and studies from animal behavior, training and behavior consulting.

Value : $197

2. How to Evaluate "Scientific" Claims and Research

This TWO SESSION course is one of the ESSENTIAL COURSES in the Academy.

To critically read and evaluate whatever "science says" claims, you must know what to look for.  We teach you how to use our four step checklist; why you must know the difference between research data results, conclusions and interpretations. You'll learn about common research flaws and how to better spot them, and the danger to your success and to the field of dog training when research flaws go unrecognized.

Value: $197

3. Amazing Feats of Canine Cognition

In this TWO SESSION course we'll show you videos of a real example of the Clever Hans effect, and why its presence can both contribute to behavior problems as well as be useful when modifying them.  You'll be amazed at what you see demonstrated and WHY looking for this effect can provide you with important alternative explanations for certain behaviors.

Value: $197

4. Scientific Basis for Socialization

 A body of literature exists about the development of social behavior in social species of animals that has often been ignored when it comes to our pets.  From socialization protocols that claim to produce "super dogs" to the value of puppy classes, we ask - and TELL you "What does the research say?"  You'll be making better, more justifiable recommendations to your clients.

TWO session course.

Value: $149

5. Intelligence of Dogs and Other Critters

In this TWO SESSION course we'll critique some of the most recent research, address what intelligence really means and compare and contrast the different ways scientists are attempting to measure it.

Our expanding knowledge of the cognitive and emotional abilities of animals have ramifications you probably haven't even thought of  which may, or may not, be good for dogs in the long-run.

Value: $147

6. Interpreting the Research of
Scott and Fuller

The depth and breadth of the research conducted by animal behaviorists Dr. John Paul Scott and Dr. John Fuller is more extensive than anything that's been done since yet most trainers and behavior consultants are unaware of their findings.

In this course we explain in detail a selection of findings from Scott and Fuller that are most applicable to trainers and consultants.  In our opinion, one can't be a science based trainers without being aware of their seminal findings and how they contradict many of the "sacred cows" in dog training.

Value: $97

7. Is It All About the Genes?

This CAABChat with Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli and Dr. Steve Zawistowski, both of whom are trained as behavior geneticists, reveals the methods behind genetic research.  You'll discover how popular misconceptions skew our perceptions of what behavior genetic research is all about, and what it can and cannot conclude about genetic influences on behavior.

Value: $97

8. An Interview with Dr. Clive Wynne

Dr. Wynne discusses his research on canine cognition and the differences among owned pet dogs, dogs in shelters, and wolves in how they attend to visual cues from people.  Dr. Wynne also discussed his recent visit to Russia and his conversations with Dr. Andrei Poyarkov regarding the "subway" dogs in Russia.

Value: $97

9. BONUS Tutorial on How to Find Scientific Articles Online

Dr. Estep has created a 50 minute tutorial on where scientific articles are located online that you can access without journal subscriptions.  You'll see step by step instructions on how to get them!

Value: $97

The Decoding and Applying
Canine Science Resource Toolkit

The Checklists, Guides, Research Analyses,  and References
You Need to Put Science to Work For You

Total Value: $100

  • Development of Behavior Reference

    Written by Dr. Estep, this extensive document describes the development and timing of dog and cat behavior. Includes section on genetic influences and heritability.

  • Beware of Misleading Research

    Analysis of a paper in a well-known journal showing how easy it is to be misled without using the skills you learn in this package.

  • Guide to Reading Scientific Articles

    Your indispensable Guide for interpreting a research article or popular article that describes a research study.

  • Socialization Period Myths Revealed

    Classic research on socialization you’ve likely never heard of that calls into question popular conclusions about puppy practices.

  • Guide to Thinking Logically

    Logical fallacies are rampant.  NOWHERE else will you find them explained as they apply to dog training and behavior.

  • Telling the Difference Between Association and Causation

    Critical analysis of paper cited in organizational position statements reveals mis-interpretation of results.

  • Breed Differences Research

    Reference document reviewing the first in-depth research of behavior differences among breeds, including findings on emotional reactivity.

  • Guide to Evaluating Scientific Claims

    Steps to take to evaluate all the scientific claims you encounter regularly.

Bonus Q&A/Discussion Session with
Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep

Button-Favorite-star-iconIn this bonus session, Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep answer submitted questions about canine behavior science research included in this Module.   Individual coaching sessions Drs. Hetts and Estep are normally $300/hour but you’re getting time with them as part of this amazing offer. It's your chance to get YOUR questions answered.  If you can't make the live event, you'll have access to the recording.

Value: $300

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west-metro-donationSo not only are you getting this amazing scientific training, you're helping us donate additional masks to more fire departments.

Look What Other People Have to Say...

"What an outstanding program!! I finished the Decoding & Applying Canine Science program and I LOVED it!! Each module was well thought out and discussed. What a fantastic resource for anyone interested in animal behavior. This course should be a requirement for anyone in the dog training/behavior industry. Well, actually for anyone to learn to be a critical thinker rather than take information at face value. Thank you for sharing your expertise."

Sharon W., ACAAB, NH

"The most important "take away" was helping clients make decisions regarding the process for socializing their puppy. It helped me know what advice to give them,  clear up misconceptions about what socialization is, and give them a common sense approach to providing positive experiences for their dogs. "

Stacey H., NC

"I love hearing Dan's summaries and interpretations of research studies, especially the more recent ones that I did not know about. "

Naomi H., PA

"Genetics is far more complicated than can be explained in two hours, and it's not a simple question to ask how some aspect of genetics affects behavior (FAR FAR too broad and nonspecific a question). Even the definition of the behavioral trait must be very, very specific, first. "

Leah S. NYC

"One of the most fascinating webinars ever!!!!! "

Caroline W., AZ

Here's EVERYTHING You Get:

File-Video-iconEight courses taught by a total of FOUR PhD.s -  4 CAABs, and a fifth experimental psychologist - who have over 100 years of professional experience among them.

  1. What Does It Mean To Be Science Based? - Value $197
  2. How to Evaluate Scientific Claims - Value: $197
  3. Amazing Feats of Canine Cognition - Value $197
  4. Scientific Basic of Socialization- Value $197
  5. Intelligence of Dogs and Other Critters - Value $149
  6. Interpreting the Research of Scott and Fuller - Value $97
  7. Is It All About the Genes?
    (with Dr. Alice Moon-Fanelli and Dr. Steve Zawistowski) -  Value $97
  8. Interview with Dr. Clive Wynne - Value $97

TOTAL VALUE: $948 Button-Favorite-star-icon  A BONUS Q&A WEBINAR with Dr. Hetts and Dr. Estep to answer your questions about being "science based" and about the canine science topics in the Module.  If you can't attend live, you'll be able to submit your questions before the webinar, and have access to the replay.   VALUE: $300


 Decoding and Applying Canine
Science Resource Toolkit

VALUE: $100

Adobe-PDF-Document-icon  Guide to Thinking Logically. NINE logical fallacies illustrating how illogical thinking leads to faulty conclusions and how to increase your logical thinking skills.



Adobe-PDF-Document-icon Guide to Reading Scientific Articles.  The EXACT questions we ask ourselves as we read each section of an article - from Abstract to Conclusions. Even if all you read is the Abstract, you'll never read one the same way again!




Beware of Misleading Research.  Analysis of articles showing how misleading titles and summaries can be and why the skills you'll acquire in this Module are CRUCIAL to decoding canine behavior science.



Telling the Difference Between Causation and Association.  Perhaps the biggest mistake made when reading and interpreting "what science says".  This document gives you the tools you need to avoid this misleading mistake. 





Behavior Development in Dogs and Cats.   Dr. Estep's thorough coverage of behavior development that appeared in "Readings in Canine Behavior".  Complete with graphs and timelines.


  Adobe-PDF-Document-iconSocialization Period Myths.  Stories you've been told about socialization revealed and replaced with socialization science.



  Results of Breed Differences Research.  Details about little known breed differences in behavior John Paul Scott and John Fuller found in their classic research.  It would take you DAYS of pouring over their classic book to glean this information.



Guide to Finding Scientific Articles

How to find scientific articles on the web even when you can't afford to subscribe to journals.

You might be wondering why we are making such an incredible offer on this professional education package.

It’s simple. The more YOU know about  fundamental and applied canine behavior science, the more effective you'll be working with dogs, the better you'll feel about your work, the more satisfied your customers will be, the more successful your business, AND more dogs will be trained humanely.

We are passionate about bringing more of the science of animal behavior to dog trainers and the field of dog training.  If we fail to understand dogs as a species from a SCIENCE BASED, biological and ethological perspective we will lose what to us, is the very soul of dog training.


After placing your order you will get instant access to the complete
Canine Behavior Science System  including all trainings and resources

If you want to have the skills to look more critically at the science related to canine behavior and discover research the media will never report,
then you can't afford to not enroll in this program.

A Value of Over $1300 For Only $297

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dogmaskAnd help save the lives of innocent pets who become the victims of house fires.

Thank you for reading all about our special offer.  We hope you'll take advantage of this unique opportunity to bring more of the power of science to your work.


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Dr. Suzanne Hetts and Dr. Dan Estep, Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists

P.S.  Don't forget your purchase qualifies you for a special offer for a month of membership in
Behavior Education Network. 
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